Most of the time when I lay down to go to bed, I toss and turn (sometimes up to an hour or more) as I try to coax my brain away from non-fiction to fiction.

The other night, after about the bazillionth time of me and Jase laughing and telling each other to stop talking and go to sleep, I thought of this:

Did the word “delete” exist before computers?

That really sent my mind whirling as I pondered the existence of the action of “delete”.

So I asked Jase and we talked about it for a while.

We came to this conclusion: Yes, “delete” did exist before computers as I remember using the delete key on a typewriter. However, it was an endangered word due to it’s near lack of existence. Before typewriters, I highly doubt the word was even a twinkle in Merriam-Webster’s eye.

Although when I just googled, “invention of delete” (cool title for something), I found this and being close to suffering from OCD when it comes to spelling, I nearly had a heart attack. Then I read the comments and saw the category it was under. 🙂 Interesting read, just the same though.

I learned a long time ago that a lot of comedians deal with depression and use laughter to cover that up. It was a sad realization to me but then I realized that it’s always been a coping mechanism for me as well. When feeling shy and awkward, I’d tell a joke and people would like me. I learned in junior high (being the outcast / caucasian minority) and in all three of my high schools that I could fit in better if I just made people laugh. It helped to have a crazy, funny, out-going dad and 3 crazy brothers. Laughter is what overwhelmed our meals and scarce family times. But music and laughter have been an integral part of me sustaining this life.

However, I’m finding that I seriously have an addiction to laughter. Oh sure, there are the times when I’d rather silently sit and study the world and people around me. But, for the most part, I find life so much easier to handle if laughter if sought out and shared.

I spent an entire weekend, laughing more than I have in years. I forgot how freeing and energizing it was to laugh.

I also notice that I’ve lost some inches around my waist. Oh yeah! There just aren’t enough, so, look out diet books!

I’m writing a new one: “Tell a Joke + Hear a Joke= Lose weight!”

Oh, which reminds me, Jase and I created an amazing book within the last couple of years. We had this amazing epiphany that when you don’t have money, you don’t eat. So… here is the title and the contents of the entire book:

Lose Weight By Giving Me Your Money

by Jase and Jen Smith

Give us all of your money. It will prevent you from over-eating. Giving us all of your money will also make you feel better because you will be losing weight AND helping the poor, at the same time. The End.

I think it’s pure genius.

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