What could be better?

I couldn’t fall asleep tonight because I started thinking that Jase snowboards goofy, which is a mirror to me, and it would be awesome to snowboard down the hill while mirroring each other, holding hands. That would be beautiful.

Then I started thinking about how I love watching Ice Dancing (partners ice skating) and began to wonder if that has started yet with snowboarding.

So, what did I do?

Yes… I googled it.

Sadly, I did not find this idea on Google or YouTube.

Let’s start a trend and get it into the 2010 Olympics!! 😉

Most of the time when I lay down to go to bed, I toss and turn (sometimes up to an hour or more) as I try to coax my brain away from non-fiction to fiction.

The other night, after about the bazillionth time of me and Jase laughing and telling each other to stop talking and go to sleep, I thought of this:

Did the word “delete” exist before computers?

That really sent my mind whirling as I pondered the existence of the action of “delete”.

So I asked Jase and we talked about it for a while.

We came to this conclusion: Yes, “delete” did exist before computers as I remember using the delete key on a typewriter. However, it was an endangered word due to it’s near lack of existence. Before typewriters, I highly doubt the word was even a twinkle in Merriam-Webster’s eye.

Although when I just googled, “invention of delete” (cool title for something), I found this and being close to suffering from OCD when it comes to spelling, I nearly had a heart attack. Then I read the comments and saw the category it was under. 🙂 Interesting read, just the same though.