I couldn’t fall asleep until I wrote this out tonight:

Then He came to me
Beyond dreams in restless sleep
With a voice, booming, echoing out to sea
“Loved, you are”
He spoke through me
Every pore, nerve, sensory
Breathing in these words
And storing them
For days when life becomes a breaking load
When time passes by, without giving joy a chance to stay awhile

Couldn’t sleep, almost 2am on December 31, 2008… I don’t know what all of this means. I had the first two lines in my head, started writing and couldn’t stop.

And I know I have no words
My shaky heart won’t pour them out
Putting on silence like a warm winter jacket
Has my tongue twisted in confusion

Time and time again
Life is spent wishing it was different than before
Holding our heads up
Won’t stop the clock from counting down to
Judgment day

Why live your life as if you’ve only got until tomorrow
Why take the time to worry about what might have been
Time won’t stop to see if plans were thought and then created
Shoulder that heavy load and take the choice that was given

Another from 2004. Just needing some reassurance from God:

Please let me just rest
My head on your chest
Can you whisper things will be fine
Tell me you’ve got my life in
Your hands
Have healed me before
But I need you once more
God I need you once more

I wrote this in 2004 for a friend but since I’m in a writing mood, I’ve moved it to this blog.

Sitting by herself
Transformed by the ways of the lies
Red drying
She can’t find
Translucent hands guiding her eyes
She fades
Her tender heart
Corrupted by scales of hate
Help me break the chains
Help me help her through
Help her follow You
God please turn her face to view
Mountains of green
Miles of blue
Chasms of white
Hearts, arms, ears, eyes open
Ready to fight
For her love, her joy, her smile,
Her pain, her tears, her loss,
Her gain.