I’m not really a morning person… physically. Mentally, I really enjoy “waking up with the chickens”, as someone in the Redwoods once pointed out. I like knowing that I’m waking up just as the sun is waking up the rest of my side of the world. When I wake up early, I don’t feel like an uninvited person to a party, I seem less anti-social and I have much more time in my day. However, there’s a disconnect with the communication from my brain to my body. I think I need some medication or something to get the connectors connected again because trying to convince my ears, eyes and the rest of my body to be alert and functional when I first wake up is nearly impossible. Whose idea was it to get a semi-conscious person to operate such complex machinery, like a coffee maker, so early in the morning? How can the coffee start working in my body if I can’t even get the equipment functioning properly??

Which leads me to the problem I had with listening and understanding this morning. As usual before I have caffeine in my system, my children like to have a full-on intense conversation with me. I think it’s a cruel joke that they carry out on me, on purpose. Truthfully, I think I answer and nod my head but have no comprehension of what’s going on in the exchange. Zoe was attempting to give me the lowdown on the entire show that she had just finished watching. I was getting several breakfasts ready as well as coordinating the appropriate amount of vitamins for all four of us (I’m not good with math) and figure out the “detailed mechanics” of the caffeine provider. Somewhere in the chaos of my mind, I heard her say this, “…they all got *ucked up.” Huh?? Yeah, I snapped to attention REAL QUICK. When did my five year old start cussing, when did she learn THAT word and where did she learn it from?!?!? Geez, I didn’t think I’d have to worry about protecting my little Kindergartner SO SOON! AND WHY is she using it so casually with me?!? I blurted out, “What? What did you just say?” and then she repeated, “They all got sucked up. In the tornado. The tornado sucked them up.”

Ok, I’ve still got some more years of innocence and protection to go. Whew!

Btw, adrenaline works MUCH faster than caffeine.