In the 1970’s my dad hitchhiked here from Chicago and stayed with some people he barely knew in some cabin in Nederland. A few years later, my mom was sent here from Chicago by her parents, as an 18 year old, to stay with a family in South Denver for several months. Once my parents got married and had me and my brothers, we made many trips out here to visit with the family my mom stayed with. They became our family and the roots of Colorado quickly became entwined through all of our lives. My dad has always wanted to live here and although my mom has painful memories due to reasons why she first arrived in Colorado, spending years in Chicago, San Diego and Florence, Alabama has not deterred her heart’s desire to come back for good.

Before Jase and I met, he drove out here in 1995, from San Diego, with a friend with the intention of moving here. He’s very much in love with snow and has always wanted to live here.

In 2005, I stopped working for a radio station in Alabama to stay home with Kai and Zoe and a few weeks later we were sent a job opening from a former co-worker for an open web designer position, for Jase, at the Corporate Office of this radio station in Colorado Springs. We were tired of living in Alabama, so Jase flew out and interviewed in December and on January 1st, 2006, we were on our way out here with a moving truck, jammed-packed, with our life.

In the beginning of 2007, my brother fulfilled his life-long goal of moving out here with his wife and their four kids. They moved to Colorado Springs from Oklahoma.

After my parents married, my mom promised my dad that if we kids were all raised in San Diego, then she’d move with him one day to Colorado. After decades of hoping and waiting, my parents finally made the move here in July of this year.

Only as a result of Jase and I moving out here, in 2006, have we learned the details of the connection we all share with this state. It’s so strange that five different paths, stretched over three decades, could intertwine so tightly within our family.

Although it didn’t snow and my brother, Ben, and his wife, Rebekah, couldn’t make it out here this year for Christmas, this is the first year, in a LONG time, that I was completely content on Christmas. There was something that just felt right about all of us finally living out here and the satisfaction that we all had the opportunity to share in such a beautiful holiday with each other, in a state we all love so dearly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!