Cali started climbing out of her crib this week. Dear Lord. Malakai started when he was nine months old so, the fact that Cali waited until she’s twenty-three months old is quite a gift. She’s climbed out two times this week, in the morning, getting up for the day.

This afternoon is the first time she climbed out of her crib, AFTER I put her down for her nap. While listening to her pathetic attempts at opening the door and knocking through her tears, I tried to immerse myself deeper into the internet while trying to keep from panicking. Will she just fall asleep on the floor, by the door? After a few minutes, the tossing of my stomach won and I ran up the stairs and opened the door for her. I picked her up, trying to remind her that it’s nap time. Knowing she can’t climb back into her crib, I put her in Zoe’s twin bed and told her she could sleep there. I sang her sleep song and rubbed her forehead, coaxing dreamland to come soon. She seemed content for a minute until she realized I’d be leaving again. As I snuck out the door, she got up again, ran to the door and started crying. I thought I’d cry too. I decided I’d torture both of us for a total of ten minutes. If she’s still crying and up at that point, we’d skip the nap.

Silence for one minute. Five minutes. Ten! I grabbed the camera and snuck up the stairs in hopes of taking a cute pic of her sleeping in Zoe’s bed for the first time. I heard a noise! Omg. Is she playing? Did she choke herself on something or get electrocuted on Zoe’s computer paraphernalia? I sat at the top of the stairs for five minutes, in total silence (I didn’t even turn off my camera), for fear she’d hear me and decide to skip her nap for today. I decided I should wait downstairs, a while longer, until I was sure she was in her REM phase.

Several minutes later and sure she fell asleep, in Zoe’s bed, I snuck into her room and caught this shot. Thank God the flash and sound of the actual pic-capture didn’t wake her.

Big Girl Bed for Cali

She’s ready for the bunkbed, Honey! 😉