Nine years ago, I was in the hospital getting induced with Malakai. I was due on 2/26/2000 but since I went over the due date, had gained between 50 and 60 pounds, and my OB and I were close, she let us chose a delivery date. It was Leap Year so we thought Leap Day would be a cool, special day of birth. At around 7pm on 2/28/2000 I got an IV for the pitocin. Seriously, the IV was the worst part of labor for me, I almost passed out… At around 5am on 2/29/2000 they gave me the Cervidil and at around 10am, my doctor broke the bag of water. That’s when the pain really started to intesify! Around noon, I was needing an epidural like *now* but the anesthesiologist was busy at that moment. He wouldn’t make it to my room in another 30 to 40 minutes. I felt like I had a high tolerance for pain before I was in labor and with this being my first baby and my horrible history with drug use, I really wanted to stay away from every drug except for the epidural. But, WOW, contractions HURT! I didn’t feel like I could handle the pain for very much longer and was convinced by the nurses/doctor that a narcotic would be fine to take. They gave me Stadol which didn’t get rid of the pain, I could still feel the contractions, but they didn’t hurt. It was a strange sensation and I didn’t like it at all. When the drug wore off, I swore to never take it again. My epidural kicked in and it was BEAUTIFUL! No pain and no brain disruption. šŸ™‚

Something I thought was really cool was the nurse that delivered me when I was born, Zeni, was also going to help deliver Malakai (and she also helped deliver Zoe). Zeni decided to check me around 2pm. She told me to push and then immediately said, “Ok, don’t push!” Malakai was closer than they thought! After about 20 minutes of pushing (which was strange since the epidural was working so well, I couldn’t feel a THING) Malakai was born. He was absolutely beautiful. My months of worry and stress that something with the pregnancy, labor or delivery would go wrong were now set to rest as I looked into his beautiful face. šŸ™‚

The torture I put my body through as a teenager always cast a dark shadow over my future of ever being able to have children. The pregnancy and birth of Malakai was a story of redemption for me. His birth was a fufilled promise that God can and will forgive and restore. Malachi, in Hebrew, means Messenger of God. We loved that name and loved that it was so uncommon, especially with our common last name (we knew no one with the name, Malachi). We also knew the pronunciation of it would become a problem when he started school. Since we already loved the name Kai as a nickname and knew that it meant “the Sea” in Hawaiian, our first child, our son became: Malakai.

At his request, we ate at IHOP this morning, he “had” to go to taekwondo so he could be “spanked” (they spank the kids depending on how old they are, with a padded bat) and then after the 630pm service at church, we went to Applebee’s for dinner. His LEGO birthday party is tomorrow afternoon at 3pm and he has 11 boys coming for his “Boys Only” party. šŸ™‚

**UPDATE** His birthday party was a hit! He and Jase threw an awesome party and spent a couple of hours building LEGO creations. All the boys went home with a little LEGO set. Jase did an amazing job planning and coordinating his first ever birthday party!

Happy Birthday Kai! Your family loves you very much!

Taekwondo Birthday Spanks!

LEGO Party!