Today is Zoe’s sixth birthday. Six years ago today, I was in the hospital, induced a week early (because Malakai was so big: 9lbs. 6ozs.), and pushing out a hefty 8lb. 5oz. baby girl.

We didn’t know Zoe would be a girl. Jase and I found out the sex of Malakai because I needed to plan for our first baby. As a compromise, I obliged Jase by not finding out the sex of our second baby. It was pure torture. Having a dad who was such a manly man (he was in construction/concrete for over two decades) and three brothers, made our house extremely testosterone heavy. Being pregnant with a second child after having a boy, living my life in a predominantly male home and not knowing if I would finally be around pink and dolls was definitely a patience-builder. Over the course of nine months, I tried to teach myself to “be ok” with the baby being a girl OR a boy but I wanted a girl so bad. I would tell people, more so to convince myself, that I didn’t care about the sex of the baby, ‘as long as it is healthy’. Ironically, we had a girl name picked out but could not agree on a boy name and on the day of induction, Malakai said he was sure he was getting a sister. We tried to be safe and tell him that the baby may be a brother for him but he was adamant he was getting a sister. 🙂 When my doctor / friend exclaim (almost yelled) “It’s a GIRL!!”, the whole room started crying. That proclamation still rings so fresh in my ears.

To be sure this post doesn’t end up sounding as if I loathe my son, let me make something clear. Malakai is more of a blessing than I could have ever hoped or prayed for… He’s definitely a Mommy’s Boy. 🙂

Zoe got a “big girl” bike today. Set with hand brakes and gears just like her parents and older brother. We went to Chuck E. Cheese’s and saw “Bedtime Stories” at the movie theater and it was all a surprise. She is the sweetest thing and is so appreciative and kind, so it was an honor to bless her today and bring a HUGE smile to her precious face. Happy Birthday, ZoZo, your family loves you!

This picture is from tonight, after watching “Bedtime Stories”. The kids (even Cali) LOVED this movie, I highly recommend it.

Zoe's birthday night, after "Bedtime Stories".

Zoe's birthday night, after "Bedtime Stories".