Trying to keep my eyes open while waiting for Jase to come home from a late work night (I don’t think I’m going to make it), I remember a day that brought a continuous smile to my face.

Having the whole family awake and enjoying each other’s company before Jase and Kai walked out the door.

Giving Cali her breakfast and watching as she covered her face with her hands and talked to herself for a few seconds only to find out that she was praying for the first time!!

Feeling so proud of myself for allowing Zoe to go in the bathroom and play with her makeup kit all by herself.

Holding back laughter as Zoe comes out, fifteen minutes later, with disheveled pigtails in purple ponytail holders, purple lipstick and holding two bottles of pink nail polish for me to paint her fingernails and toenails. After telling her that either her nail polish will match her ponytail holders or I was straightening her pigtails, she let me paint her nails purple and we compromised that her toenails could be pink. 😉

Painting Zoe’s nails, while Cali stared in wonder, repeatedly exclaiming, “Ew!”

Humbly realizing, after chewing Zoe out for being three minutes late to get in the van because she was “messing around for the last thirty minutes instead of getting ready”, that it was actually an Early Day and she started school at 11am, NOT 1130am. Oops!

Having a toddler that loves taking naps.

Getting an hour and a half to myself to do absolutely “nothing”.

Picking up two, excited and happy, children from school.

Helping Kai figure out a cool way to fact check his math homework and him giving me a high-five and excitedly telling me he’s going to inform his teacher about it tomorrow. This was great news to me, especially in knowing that I HATE math!

Seeing the joy, that lasted all day, from me telling the kids this joke, “What did one volcano say to the other?”, well the kids didn’t know :), “I’m in lava with you!” We all laughed about that for a while and Cali joined in without knowing why and then Kai changed it to, “What did one volcano say to it’s Valentine?”. I’m sure that joke existed out there before, there’s nothing new under the sun, but it’s fun to have been a part of that planning process together.

Taking all the kids to Kai’s Tae Kwon Do practice and (after a year of him being in it) seeing Zoe SO excited to join with him on the mat, as his “guest”.

Watching my little Zoe being taught self-defense moves (brings some tears to my eyes as I type this…).

Hearing Cali roam, look for and call out, “Yo-Yo!” over and over again, especially after finding Zo-Zo’s flip flops.

Witnessing Kai purposefully let the “Mushroom” ball drop in front of him when Zoe threw it at him, instead of easily catching it and causing her to be out.

Seeing Zoe raise her shy hand, a short while after children had shared their birth dates for the month, to state (so sweetly) that “Malakai’s birthday is this month too.”

Hearing Cali say, “Tie-Tie” for the first time, her version of our nickname for Kai-Kai.

Burning the bacon in the microwave.

Watching as all three of my children eat their broccoli, with NOT ONE complaint!

Allowing Zoe’s eager wish to come true… to clean Cali up and take her out of her chair.

Receiving a remote from Cali (twice!) and realizing she is now telling me to turn on the television and then turn the channel when her preschool show is on boring commercials.

Loving Kai’s non-complaining enthusiasm as he does his chore of taking out the garbage and Zoe’s same attitude with putting in a new, clean bag.

Laughing, on the couch, while watching “World’s Funniest Videos”. Cali almost falling asleep in my lap and Zoe and Kai fighting to cuddle with me on either side. All three of them wearing footy pajamas.

Cali turning to lay on her side in her crib, saying, “Nigh-Nigh” after I just finish singing her “Go to Sleep” song and Zoe wanting me to sing a song to her and Kai before they fell asleep.

Immediately running upstairs with concern after seeing Zoe walk in and out of my room, only to find her comfortably asleep on her bed, obviously having just been sleepwalking.

Going to bed without a guilty thought for leaving the dining room and kitchen a mess for me tomorrow morning.

*sigh* It’s the little things… 🙂