While watching me wash and strain some grapes, Malakai asked me, “what is that thing called when you strain the solids before the liquids?” Assuming I heard correctly, I said, “a strainer.” He said, “No, when the solids get strained before the liquids.” Realizing this was a thinking conversation, I put on my thinking cap, “That can’t happen, honey. Because the liquid particles are smaller than the solid particles, they leave the strainer first… Unless, you somehow boil the liquid out and catch the evaporation that then pools into something that can hold the liquids.” To this he replied, “That can’t happen.” Picking my righteous pride up off the ground where Kai just threw it, I said, “Uh-huh. What do you think happens with rain? The water evaporates into the clouds, leaving the solids in the lake behind, and then drops the liquid somewhere else.” Malakai, still barely hearing me, says, “Mommy, you’re messing up my theory. The liquid particles wouldn’t be smaller than the solids because you could just shrink the solids so they’re smaller than the liquids and then the solids strain before the liquids.”

Brilliant. Now to test this theory of his and find a shrink ray somewhere.