I had a little too much fun and too little sleep on the youth retreat I went on over this past weekend. Late night events, snowboarding (and crashing) for hours, tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed, with strange noises and early rising did not make for very much REM sleep.

Maybe I’m suffering from a delayed reaction but I’m absolutely exhausted today. Starting yesterday, a brick wall of fatigue has body slammed me. The frustrating part is I’ve had three opportunities in the last twenty-four hours to sleep and haven’t been able to. If I had no kids, I’d probably be sleeping in my comfy bed, just fine, for the entire day. However, the kids are off school today and tomorrow and since I tried to recoup by staying indoors yesterday, I promised them that we’d go to the park today. Now, if I’m going to make the effort to get the bikes out of the garage and get Cali in the trailer that I’m pulling, I’m not just going to a park around the corner. So we rode our bikes to a nice park about 2 miles away.

The beautiful weather, the sound of my children laughing and just seeing a smile on their faces made it extremely hard to be grumpy. So, while I soaked in the sun, I made a list of all the “little” things that made this trip to the park so significantly blissful:

Colored tree buds appearing on the tree limbs. I love Spring.

A grandma telling me, after her grandkids and my kids spent an hour playing together, “You’re children are darling!”

The bugs. Yes. The bugs. Everything seems so dead or at least unsociably quiet on cold days, it’s nice to see even the “annoying” insects come out to play.

The many children from different areas that flocked to our picnic blanket while we ate a snack. The parents were so confused why their children were eating lunch but thought our little family blanket-time was so much more desirable. 🙂

The lime-colored dune buggy, old-school VW bug and cherry-red hot rod that buzzed down the street.

Watching Malakai take such interest and special care in helping Cali on and off the equipment.

Watching Zoe overcome her fear of falling from the monkey bars by dropping from them over and over again.

The little lake we pass by, to and from the park, filled with geese chit-chatting with each other.

The many, many cars passing by us, with windows rolled down, to take in this amazing weather.

My children becoming instant best friends / mentors with / to every other child on the playground.

Laying on a blanket as the sun covered me in warmth.

Hearing Kai and Zoe laugh continuously as they played tag.

Watching Cali dance in a happy little circle because two other toddlers said “hi” to her.

Cali finding Zoe’s helmet, picking it up and roaming the park saying, “Yo-Yo?” over and over again. We call Zoe, Zo-Zo sometimes so Cali has picked that up as her name for Zoe. So cute!!

All in all, I feel physically horrible but there are so many great things that distract me from that dreadful state of mind.