What is it about the insatiable desire to just be known?

Does the dream of becoming famous stem from this inclination alone?

Look around at the plethora of community networks and you’ll see the pattern of just wanting our stories to be told. Photos and personal pages and blogs and message boards and comments, all for the single desire to feel as if we have a voice. To feel as if someone cares.

To live this life and feel like we were actually heard and maybe even appreciated is a consuming aspiration. I think the evidence speaks for itself in that, leaving a legacy, a memory, is so much more important than the trophies we have on our mantle or the money we have in the bank account or the position we want in *that* company or the vehicles we have parked in our driveway.

How much more brilliant would the people of this world be if we asked questions more or opened ourselves up a little more to share the experiences we’ve been through? I know life would have been so much easier if there were people that would have shared the hardships they went through as a teen, as a newlywed, as a new parent, as a new homeowner and shared how they came out of it. Or how they didn’t come out of it.

People learn through your experiences and your mistakes. Share them.
You want to leave a legacy? Then leave it. Ears are open all around.
Do you want knowledge? Then ask questions.