My daughter is in kindergarten and they have a system in place for good and bad behavior. A vertical color chart has clips that stay in the green for average behavior, can move up to blue — or higher to purple -— for good behavior, and moves down to yellow — then red — for bad behavior.

My daughter replicated this chart yesterday, including clothespins with the name of every member living under this roof written on it. I thought it was cute but didn’t know it actually served a purpose.

I know. She did NOT get her crafty-creativity from me.

She was sounding sick yesterday and should have gone to bed early last night but when I went out with my mom, I failed to let Jase know this. So, she was up late and woke up with croup. When she woke up, I told her that it was my fault that I didn’t let her dad know to put her to bed early. To which she immediately replied, “I need to move down your clip.” So, I moved into the yellow zone(!). Ten minutes later, out of the blue, she passes me, walks over to the chart and says “you can move back up now”.

Later in the morning, she came downstairs and coughed. Which was immediately followed with her saying, “I came downstairs and coughed because I know Cali is sleeping up there.” I turned to her and said, “Thank you so much Zoe! You are so kind and respectful!” To which she replied, “I’m going to move up!” and moved her clip to the blue zone.

This is fun! 🙂

While on subject of her crafts, here’s a couple of pics of a birdhouse she made out of a Capri Sun box, fastened to an outside metal bracket with her Disneyland hat. I think she’s the next MacGyver.